Trip to USA (ESA + CSI+ NASA!)

In August and September 2019, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel to various places in the US, attending conferences, meeting new people, and working with collaborators.

It all kicked off in Louisville, Kentucky where the Ecological Society of America conference was held. After a 30-hour transit, I got to hear about research that I would otherwise have no chance to learn about in Australia. My talk was unfortunately at the very end (last day of the last session!!), meaning there weren’t many people around.

After the conference, I had a week off at Washington DC where I had some down-time and just be a tourist, visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum!

I then spent two weeks at the Coastal Studies Institute with Dr. David Lagomasino working on my PhD chapters. Situated on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, it has the best office view one could ever ask for…

After Hurricane Dorian cut my trip at the Outer Banks short, I drove back to DC where I begun my month long visit at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre. Here, I worked with Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo and her team, continuing on my PhD chapter investigating mangrove condition using remotely sensed data.

Importantly, I also got to network with lots of amazing scientists when I attended the Terrestrial Ecology Science Team meeting, learning about the newest missions including GEDI (Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation) and ICESat-2 (Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite-2).

I’m super grateful for the CIE and Deakin for funding this trip, allowing me to travel around and meet lots of amazing scientists in my field. Now, I just have to continue on the projects started here and start producing some tangible results now that I’m back in Melbourne!

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